The Words I Never Wanted To Hear

The Words I Never Wanted To Hear

“There’s a high chance that you will never be able to conceive naturally”  – that one sentence has ripped and echoed it’s way through my mind constantly over the last 18 months and let’s face it probably always will. Being twenty years old and sitting in a grubby hospital office being told that you probably can’t have the one thing you’ve always wanted more than anything well and truly shattered my world into a million pieces.

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Giovanna Fletcher – Always With Love Review

Giovanna Fletcher Always With Love Book Review.png
I’m nearly a month late with this review but hey better late than never I suppose!
I, like many others I eagerly waited for Thursday 2nd June 2016 to come around so that I could start Giovanna’s new book “Always With Love” – The sequel to her debut novel “Billy and Me” Unfortunately due to prior plans I was unable to start “Always With Love”  on release day but actually managed to start and finish the whole thing the next day while in the queue for Gi’s book signing in Southampton.

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Father’s Day

Fathers Day.png

I truly believe that Father’s should be celebrated, let’s face it they helped give us life and a good majority of them would bend over backwards for their children and do anything to give them the world. Why shouldn’t we celebrate them? However there are then the odd few who aren’t so great, like my father for example.

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